Fitbit Charge 2 fitness wristband

Fitbit Charge 2 fitness wristband
Fitbit Charge 2 fitness wristband

Plus heart rate monitor

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Activity tracker with heart rate monitor, black
The Fitbit Charge 2 includes the best features of its predecessor with added extras in all the right places. You can now customise the wrist strap and adjust the clock face to suit your style for an individual look so you can wear the wristband any time, anywhere. You can wear the tracker for up to five days without charging the battery.

PurePulse heart rate monitor and Fitbit app
Thanks to the Charge 2 activity tracker, you can track your heart rate without a chest strap, allowing you to record your heart rate continuously – day and night. It also calculates and records how many calories you burn. The Fitbit app offers numerous features, overviews and statistics. For example, you can enter what you’ve eaten to quickly and easily compare how many calories you’ve consumed and how many you’ve burned.

Silent alarm and sleep tracking
You can be woken gently using the vibration alarm of the Charge 2 sports watch without disturbing anyone sleeping next to you. You can also set up sleep goals in the app to keep an eye on your targets. While you’re asleep the tracker records your deep and light sleep stages and creates an overview of your sleep patterns and sleep quality.

Optimised for different sports
Some sports, such as hiking, cycling, etc., are recorded automatically if you forget to start the tracker. You can also connect the tracker to your smartphone’s GPS to see your speed and route in real-time. A range of statistics is available for a variety of sports such as running, weight training and yoga to give you an overview of your workout. You can also keep up to date with what’s happening around you by displaying calls, messages and appointments right on your wrist.

A clear snapshot of your fitness
Cardio Fitness Level is a new feature of the Fitbit Charge 2 that allows you to see a snapshot of your fitness level using a personalised Cardio Fitness Score. Your score – viewable in the heart rate section of the Fitbit app – is an estimation of your VO2 max (the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use when you’re working out at your hardest) — widely accepted as the gold standard measurement of cardiovascular fitness. Using your Cardio Fitness Score, Fitbit provides an easier way to understand where you stand with a fitness level rating based on your age range and gender (from poor to excellent). The app shows how changing your fitness routine can have a positive impact on your Cardio Fitness Score to make sure you achieve your goals.

Guided breathing sessions
The Charge 2’s Relax function helps you find your optimum breathing speed based on your current heart rate. Deep and mindful breathing provides your body with plenty of fresh oxygen and can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and lessen anxiety. This way, the tracker helps you find moments of calm on hectic days, take time out now and again, and relax.