Ava bracelet

Ava bracelet
Ava bracelet

Double your chances of conceiving!

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Get to know your body better: The Ava bracelet detects 5 out of 6 fertile days per cycle at 89% accuracy. Ava measures your data in real time, while you sleep. Ava has been developed by doctors and scientists and tested in a clinical study. The bracelet also provides information on your sleep quality, stress levels and your resting pulse rate. So you get to know your body better. Find out here how to get the most accurate results with Ava: www.avawomen.com

Is Ava right for me?

Yes: You have regular cycles. As long as your cycles tend to be within 24 – 35 days, Ava will work for you.

Yes: You have endometriosis. Ava can be used with endometriosis, unless there is severe scarring that interrupts ovulation.

Yes: You’re breastfeeding. Ava can be used while breastfeeding after your cycles have returned.

No: You’re taking hormonal birth control. Ava works by sensing physiological changes related to your natural hormone levels.

No: You have PCOS. Ava has not been tested with diagnosed fertility conditions that interrupt normal ovulation such as PCOS or hypothalamic amenorrhea.

No: You're looking for contraception. Ava is not a contraceptive and cannot be used to prevent pregnancy.