TUBBS Flex Junior

TUBBS Flex Junior
TUBBS Flex Junior

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FLEX Junior by TUBBS is designed for boys aged 6 to 10 years of age and features the outstanding quality of TUBBS’ award-winning FlexTail™ design. The traction rails have rounded corners to give kids safe but solid traction. And the easy-to-use QuickLock™ bindings are perfect for little hands. The FLEX Tail™ deck (17”) maximises comfort and manoeuvrability for kids who want to keep up! The torsion deck design of the FLEX Jr. adjusts to different snow conditions and ensures the traction elements always remain in contact with the snow. The rotating toe cord design enables the tail of the snowshoe to drop and snow to shed off the tail, reducing cardio-respiratory strain by 7%. The underfoot pivot point also allows the toe traction teeth to bite deeply into the snow when weighted. The simple tightening and locking buckle on the QuickLock bindings makes getting kids in and out of snowshoes easier than ever and provides all-day stability and control. The carbon steel toe crampon, ergonomically placed under the foot, maximises weighted traction and responsiveness, while the 3D curved traction rails ensure superior side-hill grip in hard or icy conditions. Progressive molded snow brakes on the deck and the Soft Strike zone improve weighted traction.

  • Approx. weight: 1,150 g
  • Approx. body weight: Suitable for all body weights; in deep snow up to max. 41 kg (including clothes and equipment)
  • The new Flex HKE has been developed specifically for young snowshoers who’ve outgrown traditional kids’ sizes but aren't yet ready for full-sized adult models. Recommended for kids aged 9-14, shoe size approx. 34 to 44.
  • ActiveLift™ heel lift eases steep ascents
  • 3D traction rails deliver superior side-hill grip
  • FLEX Tail™ allows the foot to roll naturally
  • Easy-to-use QuickLock2™ bindings deliver extra stability